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    Take 3 minutes to complete a buying request and receive our low priuquote.

  • Partner Suppliers

    Get quotes from accredited suppliers or CLSC suppliers database.

  • Comparison to Transaction with CLSC

    One-stop service to build your deal, from comparing quotes to finalizing an order.

How Does CLSC Buying Services Work?

CLSC Buying Services makes order simple: post a Buying Request. When it’s approved, suppliers on our site can quote immediately.

Buyer Submits
Buying Request

CLSC or Suppliers

Buyer Receives
Screened Quotes

CLSC&Buyer Build
Deal and log-term
Business relationship

Samples of Detailed Buying Requests

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Buyers' Voices

  • [US]Mr. Rob Paasch

    Now, within 20 minutes, I can get my [request] up and have next day responses.

  • [EUR]Mr. Bill Caso

    CLSC Buying Services has provided tremendous value. The prices have been great……

  • [ME]Mr. Osama Omar

    It is the most effective and short way to set a deal and find the items I need.

  • [Africa]Mr. Manuel Szulanski

    I am an established clsc.cn customer for many years ……

  • [India]Mr. Manuel Szulanski

    I am an established clsc.cn customer for many years ……

  • [Russia]Mr. Manuel Szulanski

    I am an established clsc.cn customer for many years ……

  • [Germany]Mr. Wulf

    With CLSC’s service, I am not nervous in purchasing in China, because they totally understand my quality request.

  • [United Arab Emirates]rafik

    Anyway, all my goods purchasing is handled by CLSC, I don’t need cost time to go around China for goods.

  • [Africa]Patricia

    CLSC helps me easier to get what I wanted, with the lowest price.

  • [Russia]Mr. gurkan

    With CLSC’s cooperation, since Russia’s entry to WTO, my trading business had been getting doubled.

  • [Japan]Mr. Yoshio

    CLSC service team, and their strict and serious attitude satisfied me, they are one of the best supply chain team!

[US]Mr. Andre Dellter

Andre Dettler, a NYC-based product designer, incoporates CLSC Buying Services ((previously known as Customized Buying Services) into his design lives every day, turning different ideas into products.

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